TORONTO – Operator of a site started publishing the homes that sold information after court ruling that TREB must be more to open with its sales data, as per data this has got a cease and desist letter from board.

Fraser Beach, a Realtor who owns Select/Plan Real Estate Inc. and battled TREB in the court over right to publish data. Beach said that cease and desist the letter which don’t has validity, whose site include and

On 1st Dec, Federal Court of Appeal held a ruling from Competition Tribunal as Canada’s largest real estate board must allow realtor members to make data of sold homes available online. There is a Book on Toronto Real Estate to knwo about Real Estate in Toronto.

TREB said that this will take challenge to Supreme Court of Canada, that leave the status of current ruling in limbo. After appeal court ruling, websites like and began sharing or publishing online selling price of houses, which TREB argued that violates consumers privacy.

Beach started to reoffer daily email with data of homes sold and access online to the subscribers for free – a service that he shut down for the last fall after getting cease and desist letter from TREB. He notified that TREB, planned to reinstate Just Sold Service. A Guide on Toronto City is also available to know more about Toronto Real Estate.

Letter Beach received dated 14th, Dec. from TREB states that an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling, that upheld Beach’s sharing of TREB based data it was a violation of user agreement, which hasn’t been affected by recent ruling of appeal court.

According to letter if brokerage is supplying large parts of TREB MLS System and then selling that information to public in breach of proprietary rights of TREB.

John DiMichele, CEO-TREB said that board is too concerned and believes that personal information of home buyers and sellers should continue to get protected and safely disclose with their informed consent and knowledge.