Federal court has granted extension to Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) on the August 3 deadline, ordered by Competition Tribunal to open up data online which will allow its member realtors to post home-sale data on internet, to which TREB opposed as it feels , this will compromise privacy of home owners.

Realtors are of the view, opening up data online will help consumer both seller and buyers to have maximum and better information about the property before making any important decision of buying or selling their property which will result in better choices.

Tribunal was of the view that restricting realtors from using latest technologies like internet by not allowing them to posting data online, is not good for buyer or seller or anyone dealing in real estate, as everyone should be well informed about the property online. Tribunal on june 3 have ruled very clearly that TREB should implement this within 60 days from then which comes out to be 3rd of August 2016. This case is going on for the last 5 years with the filling of case be competition commissioner challenging restriction of TREB.

This wednesday Judge Mary J.L. Gleason has decided in favour of TREB and ordered it not comply with tribunal order as on 3rd of August. Though it’s not clear how long this stay is going to take place, but one thing is clear Federal Court Judge is has clearly given some respite to real estate board, at least for now.

Congress leader Arun’s dead body was found in Ludhiana Sidhwan canal. He was have some dispute with Akali leaders who have threatened him of dire consequences for vandalizing posters. Open wounds on his body clearly show how he was mercilessly killed by the assaulters.