MLS Systems of Real Estate Board in Alberta highlighted residential sales activity that numbered nearly 3,127 units in December, 2017 this was a jump by 19.7% from earlier a year.

This count was above the same month in as compared to 2014-2016 which stood below 11 sales in December 2013, and this recorded above December in each year going back to 2006. Some of the surprising strength in home sales reflected buyers at end of the year that moves up to buy in advance of new mortgage stress test which came in effect on 1st January.

On annual basis, totalled home sales in Albert Housing Market were around 57,170 units over year, up by 9.6% from year 2016. This was little bit above annual sales in 2015 figures as well. A Real Estate Retirement Plan is available which is an Investment and Lifestyle Solution for Canadians.

Home sales activity was up by 4.1% at national level from a year ago in December, 2017.

Provincial average price of sold homes in December 2017 was around $380,316 which was recorded down by 3.9% from earlier a year. A less volatile average price was around $398,128 that ended up at 0.9% from 2016.

National average price in Albert Housing Market rose by 5.7% over a year to $496,532 in December, 2017. You can know very well about Real Estate Sector that What You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling a Home in Canada.

Across Alberta, monthly average price of residential place in Albert Housing Market was up by some of the levels i.e Lethbridge (+0.9%), Edmonton Board (+2.1%), Central Alberta (+5.3%), Medicine Hat (+5.8%), Alberta West (+16.4%), South Central Alberta (+18%) and Lloydminster AB (+22.6%). Decline in Prices in Fort McMurray (-10.5%), Calgary (-8.5%) and Grande Prairie (-1.3%).

Listings on MLS® Systems of real estate boards in Alberta numbered around 4,175 units in December.

Listing of active residential is numbered around 22,901 units at end of December; a rise of 11% is seen from earlier a year ago.

There were around 7.3 months of inventory at end of December 2017 and down from around 7.9 months at the same period of time of a year ago and little above long-run for this time. Number of months of the inventory is number of months that it would take to sell out current inventories at current rate of activity of sales.

Value of home sales in province is totalled around $1.2 billion in December 2017, this rose by 15.1% from December 2016. Dollar volume of home sales in Canada rose by 10% on a year basis.