CEO of Royal Bank of Canada said that inflow by foreign investors are distorting Canadian housing market and are not the kind of investments that the country needs.

David McKay at a bank conference hosted by Toronto-based lender in New York said that they don’t need any of the foreign capital using Canadian real estate like a piggy bank. “If capital comes in to sit in home, and is distorting marketplace and livelihood.”

McKay’s bank is largest mortgage lender of Canada, says that he is supportive of all government taxes and the other measures that target foreign buyers and other regulatory efforts to cool down Canadian housing market.

McKay said that house prices became stable and demand got down. “There’s intensive bidding, but to the lesser degree.” Here is a Secret to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth which Reveal Secrets for Building and Protecting Real Estate Wealth.

Canada’s biggest housing market is Toronto and has been correcting for past few months to amid slew of regulations that put in place to steady increase in debt and boom in prices.

Home sales in Toronto fell down by 35% in February from earlier a year, marking weakest month of home sales in 9 years, though benchmark of home prices were up by 3.2%, according to the data released by Toronto Real Estate Board on Tuesday.

Canadian housing market has been on an edge this year as guidelines by mortgage came into effects that make it too harder for the prospective buyers to qualify loans.

McKay said that there is a surge of foreign money in Canadian real estate market and had been adding “gasoline” to the real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver. This is the best thing that You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling a Home in Canada.

He identified “cocktail of factors” which led to the unconstrained growth of Vancouver and Toronto home prices that include lack of supply and highly stimulative interest rates, land constraints, a growing population which caused people to funnel disposable income in their homes.