Derrick Wiebe, a Real Estate Agent in Winnipeg is not a stereotypical drug addict; he is a very successful real agent, who owns a loving family.

But for some years Wiebe is battling with a powerful grip of cocaine. He said that it was something that helped him really to shut down, turning off from brain and stop racing in his head.

18 months ago Wiebe lost his battle with this bad addiction when he tried to commit suicide. Winnipeg 2015 Edition is available which is Honouring Excellence in Real Estate in Winnipeg.

He said that things were really bad for a Real Estate Agent in Winnipeg and he was hanging in the bathroom. His father just rescued him before it becomes too late. Some weeks later Wiebe was on his way to Edgewood Treatment Centre in Nanaimo, B.C.

He said that he is not breathing and living without this treatment centre in Nanaimo. A Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Taxation is also available which guides that How to Maximize Your Real Estate Portfolio and Minimize Tax.

Wiebe spend around 4 months as a Real Estate Agent in Winnipeg for getting treatment, which helped him a lot in improving his condition. By heat he wanted others to have the same chance and hopes that Bruce Oake Recovery Centre opens up at Vimy Arena.

He said that he feels obligated he owe this to the society to speak up in this, all happened was just a complete miracle. Real Estate Agents in Winnipeg live on blocks from proposed site and want the others in same community.

He said that he will not come out and say that this is that which he had fear if something could be in negative to his community.

St. Charles,a Councillor has been a vocal in disapproval of this potential for treatment centre which is going to be open up in his ward.

Vimy Arena was declared as a surplus to city’s requirements which is nearly 5 years ago, and Bruce Oake Foundation expressed all of its interest in using property as a treatment centre in 2017.

Sales are still required to be approved by Council Thursday before it becomes a deal.