According to a study conducted by Quebec Federation of Real Estate Board, Home sellers in Quebec prefer to benefit from expert advice rather than to go on own in their transactions.

By comparing number of transactions concluded through Centris provincial collaboration system used by brokers in real estate with total number of sales recorded in Quebec land, the QFREB found that the real estate professionals assist in 75% approx of these transactions.

Patrick Juaneda, President QFREB said that many of the homeowners who try to sell out homes by themselves to turn into real estate broker after few months to conclude transactions. Consumers who decided to entrust important financial transactions of life to real estate broker want to sell property and not simply out this for sale on some of the Internet sites. They just want results.

Juneda added that real estate transaction is complete and delicate in process which need a thorough knowledge of real estate market. Not only consumers will be able to navigate every step of transaction process thanks to expertise of broker, but it also will be beneficial from legal protection set out in Real Estate Brokerage Act. This protection not only apply to consumers who choose to sell property by themselves or with help of real estate consulting firm.

So, QFREB emphasis remaining 25% of provincial resales which are conducted directly by the homeowners only, as Quebec brokers facilitate non-Centris transactions. Juaneda also stated that it is much more accurate to say that the real estate broker conclude three out of four property resales.