Realtors in Toronto real estate are expecting some growth in prices and sales this year, even new rules for housing come into the play. Avocado emojis may be at “peak millennial” for some, this term has different meaning in real estate market.
This refers to one of the largest cohort of millennials, who born between 1978 and 1993.

Sub generation is reaching to its theoretical home buying age and this will be watched very closely by realtors in year 2018. A Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Taxation which guides to Maximize Your Real Estate Portfolio and Minimize Tax.

Phil Soper, CEO and a Real Estate Broker at Royal LePage President said that peak millennial will be a big player in Real Estate Market in Toronto in 2018.

Soper also told in a very interesting interview with CBC Toronto that they are fleeing nests.

Soper is expecting a strong demand for Toronto real estate in 2018, thanks to part to large demographic hitting this age when people looking forward to buy home.

According to Royal LePage House Price Survey, other factors also will drive demand in 2018, which was also published last week. Real Estate Retirement Plan is also available which is an Investment and Lifestyle Solution for Canadians.

As per reports international immigration will help to bring more home-buyers to Canadian real estate market.

And in case of British Columbia and Ontario, their job market and strong economies will help to attract new comers from the other provinces.

According to Royal LePage survey in 2017, around 87% of millennials planned to buy home in their lives. Soper said that it is appearing like a kid desire real estate to same degree as of their parents.

Of course, reality will come in way of intentions, but Soper said that even due to an expensive Toronto real estate market in which people will buy home for the very first time.