Moratorium On Growing Weed At Home Called By Canadian Real Estate Association

OTTAWA — Canadian real estate industry organization is calling for moratorium on growing up marijuana at homes until Canadian government sets out regulations at nationwide for its practice.

Proposed marijuana legalization of Ottawa’s regulations allow all of the Canadians to grow up to the 4 marijuana plants at their homes after federal court ruled out in year 2016 and said that that government can’t ban marijuana patients from growing their cannabis.

But Canadian Real Estate Association is proposing and planning to pass out an amendment to all of those regulations which would result in a halt on the home cultivation until provinces enact new regulations after guidelines which will be provided by Ottawa and tell that how to do all the process.

Association argues that 4 marijuana plants can produce around 5 kgs of cannabis per year, and in turn have potential to increase the housing price and damage to the property.

Marijuana legalization bill of Canada will allow Canadians to grow pot under a limit, but each territory and province is developing all of its own legal framework for consumption and production.

Manitoba and Quebec, for example, have selected to prohibit home cultivation of weed, but federal justice minister said that the federal marijuana rules will take precedence over the provincial law.