Number of residential properties which were sold in Lethbridge Real Estate Market by MLS System of Lethbridge and District Association of REALTORS was up over years basis in December, 2017.

These sale of homes was numbered around 158 united In December 2017 and there’s an increase of around 22.5% from December 2016. It was highest sales figure on records in December, that might be tied up with same month back in year 1993.

On annual basis, these home sales in Lethbridge Real Estate Market totalled around 2,555 units over year 2017. It was down by 0.7% from year 2016. There were around 124 single family home sales in December 2017 in Lethbridge, its an increase of 29.2% as compared to same month in 2016. A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Investing in Canada is available to know more before investing in Canada.

Average price of sold homes in December 2017 was around $264,482 that edge up to 0.8% from December 2016. Average annual price was around $270,063 that edge up similar to 1.2% from December 2016.

Dollar value of all of the residential sales activity in December 2017 totalled around $41.8 million and it was up by 23.5% from December 2016. It was a new record that stood up for almost 20% for the month above than the previous record set in year 2015. A Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Investing which guides that How to Maximize Your Real Estate Portfolio and Minimize Tax.

New listing for all type of real estate properties in Lethbridge Real Estate Market was totalled around 194 units in December 2017 that rose up by 14.1% from December 2016. New listing of residential homes on Association’s MLS System number around 176 units that rose by 14.3% from December 2016.

There were around 1,292 active listings for all type of real estate properties on Association’s MLS® System at an end
of December, with an increase of around 1.7% from December 2016. Number of listing of active residential rose by 5.6% on over the year basis to around 1,143 units at end of December 2017.

Number of residential months of the inventory stood at around 7.2 at end of December. It was down from 8.4 months which was recorded at the same period of time in 2016 and stood below long-run average for this time. Number of months of inventory is just the number of the months that it would take to sell out the current inventories at current rate of sales activity.