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Government in Canada Used ‘Fake News’ To Drive Borrowing in Canadian Real Estate Very Seriously

Good Dwelling: Canadians are much more addicted to debt for some time, especially when things happen to the Canadian Real Estate.

Blacklock, Ottawa based Reporter took a drive through governmental contracts for more than half of the million dollars to distribute all of the content written by different departments.

News Canada
News Canada is one of the very famous news distributor that offers you “ready-to-use, timely lifestyle content which is free of cost and copyright.”

Basically, this news distributor offers free content for those news organizations that look forward to generate extra page views or print pages.

News companies are looking forward for the content, and all these folks are giving this away. They are not a startup that try to figure out a new and latest model.

News Canada is an O.G. that provides sponsored content and doing this work since early 1980s. They are more controversial than a sponsored content of an average marketing firm.

Spent more than $577,000 on distributing ghost written government news
Canadian Government paid a hefty amount to distribute all of their content.

As per analysis by Blacklock, more than $577,000 was spent in the year 2017. Health Canada was one of the biggest spender, with more than $239,741 in contracts to the News Canada during last year.

Canadian government distributed real estate content
Most of this content was ghost written which was by government employees and generally is harmless.

There are number of clear examples which appear to be narrative crafting for real estate sector and banks.

Situation becomes little dicey when government starts insights to people or introducing new products.

FCAC i.e Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recently paid for a very famous article i.e Achieve Your Long-Term Financial Goals With Your Home Equity. This article helps to introduce people to HELOCs, and how to take one out.