Inauguration of Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo during last year was such a big hit with attendees that events in this year have intended to tackle some social issues which plague British Columbia all with maintaining its focus to build a healthy Canadian Real Estate Market.

March 3 and 4 events will have slew of the speakers which includes Kenton Zerbin, a permaculturist and Liza Rogers, founder of Women’s Real Estate Network. Producers of expo, are also founder of Reinvestors, an investment education company – Randy Molland and Steve Arneson believe that it is a fastest way to build wealth just is through real estate.

Molland and Arneson are 26 and 30, and both believe that homeownership isn’t only an investment today like this was in the past years. However, they advocate in buying rental properties it is a lesson that instilled in men by Rae Ostrander.

Molland said that he had bought home in Canadian Real Estate Market and was paying around $1,700/month for mortgage and utilities on top of this, and then introduced to Rae.

Molland was encouraged by Ostrander to move out of condo and rent it. A Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Taxation which guides that How to Maximize Your Real Estate Portfolio and Minimize Tax.

Molland said that now he rent out his condo for around $2,200 a month, so he is making profit of $500 but he is paying around $850 on his one-bedroom. Also he has freedom to move wherever he wants and have saving funds in place.

In Victoria, lots of people live paycheque to paycheque, with all of their capital expenditures and they have to come up with money here and need to go through lines of credit to keep place manageable.

Arneson said that there is a disadvantage to have ownership that this acts like a debt against power of qualifying. A Guide on Canadian Real Estate Market is also available which tells that What You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling a Home in Canada.

He said that if you have a property for investment in Canadian Real Estate Market, this helps to add income towards qualifying power, with this you can add properties which builds up your portfolio and helps to get rich faster.

Liza Rogers, founder of Women’s Real Estate Network and Expo’s producers, will be on hands to discuss ways that women can become self dependent and empowered to invest. Whereas real estate investing is geared towards men and women are investing in properties.

So, women are not embraced by group of investors that same way men do. In fact, women are redefining real estate already in North America.