Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation released its all of fall update, valuable information of citing pertain to the London’s real estate market. You can check the data below:

• MLS price have fallen between $282,000 and $290,000, with expected growth of lower price in 2018.
• 1st quarter in year 2016 showed increase in number of sales, due to unseasonably warm weather. Pent up in demand also is responsible for strong start. A Registry Magazine i.e A Buyers Gallery of Fine Homes available to know more about London, Ontario Real Estate.
• Due to a quick incline early into the year, growth was slower as the year progressed.
• Increase in sales by 8-10% from year 2014 to year 2016, well beyond the highest level as reported before recession in 2007.

2017: Ease of expected sales up due to:
o Penting up in dimishing demand
o Carrying higher costs with new mortgage rates and rules
o Increase in price: It will give greater impact than the upwards pressure from the migrating Buyers to the area from job growth and GTA. Income of Household will not inflate at same price as increased costs, pushing small number of the Buyers beyond qualification and affordability for mortgage.

• GTA Continuous migration will impact real estate market in London, Ontario as the housing prices are higher by 2.5 times than in London.
• A slight growth in average price for the remaining year. Average price between $274,000 and $278,000 are the characteristic of a balanced real estate market in London, Ontario. In St. Thomas, stats and sales still are in favour of Seller’s real estate market in London, Ontario.
• 2017: Fall in price range between $282,000 and $290,000 as an average price. A Property Management Toolbox is also available to know before investing in Canada.
• 2018: Forecasted average price will between $290,000 and $305,000. Slightly growth is expected with decrease in sales and listings remain to be steady.

Rental Market:
o Vacancy rates in market will remain steady at around 2.9% in October 2016. There is an increase in forecast by 3.1% in 2017, which remain steady at around 3.1% in 2018.
o High number of immigrants will help to keep the occupancy stable.
o 2 bedroom average rents will grow by year 2015.
o Higher number of the renters predicted to the vacate properties in favour of buying property.
o 2 bedroom average rent unit increased from $963 to $985 in 2016, and around $1005 in 2017.

Mortgage Rates:
o 5 year rate is expected to be from 4.5-4.9% in 2016 and from 4.4 to 5.2% in 2017.
o From 4.5-5.7% range has been expected for 2018.